How the UK can make a resource out of it’s rubbish

Recent reports have shown that that UK discards more than 7.2 tonnes of unused food and drink every year.

Whilst we attempt to reduce the quantity of food wasted it is very likely that it will always happen, the question that remains is what we do with it.

Jude Onwudili, Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry and an Affiliate of the Higher Education Academy claims that waste should be regarded as a high-quality, renewable resource. Rich in oils and starches formed from hydrocarbons he suggests that there is ample opportunity to convert the contents of our bins into renewable energy to power homes.

He comments, “With the amount of food waste we create showing no sign of slowing, the waste-to-energy sector has found its feet. Climate change, depleted fossil fuels, and plentiful raw material are all factors in its favour.”

Read the interesting article here: The Conversation – “It stinks, but food waste is feeding our hunger for energy”

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