Sunny days for Westmoor Engineering


Westmoor Engineering are on their way to Caribbean island, St Lucia, after successfully securing a contract for three Series 1000 Utility doors for flood defence. The doors were designed to a high specification as they needed to protect against flooding, utilising a high integrity fully watertight seal, whilst also providing easy day-to-day access. The doors were designed and manufactured in-house by Westmoor and were constructed from steel with a wet coat finish.

The Series 1000 doors are a lightweight, low cost solution for protection against the elements. They are designed to provide a watertight access solution for marine, offshore, civil industries, and renewable energy. Their unique and simple design allow it to be adaptable and able to offer a varying level of protection for any size opening and can be affixed to various structures. They are usually operated by a single lever or push bar, making it a very useable and quick acting door, whilst all the time offering a full watertight seal, able to withstand a head of water such as flood water.

Westmoor Engineering are excited to be working on such a unique product and look forward to installing the Series 1000 doors in St Lucia in a few weeks’ time.



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