Series 1000 Utility Door

The Series 1000 door is a lightweight, low cost solution for protection against the elements. It is designed and manufactured by Westmoor, and the unique yet simple design allows it to be adaptable to offer a varying level of protection including:

  • Watertight
  • Weathertight
  • Gas/air tight
  • Acoustic


The lightweight, simple construction can be operated by a single lever or push bar which makes it a very usable and quick acting door. A lock case can also be included to allow locking from both sides, which can be quick release if required.

The seal and locking arrangement can be customised to provide anything from a weathertight seal to a full watertight seal able to withstand a head of water.


As a lightweight adaptable utility door it can be used in a variety of applications. You can choose the options required to customise the door to suit your specific application, and we can advise the level of protection required.  The following are examples of suitable applications for the Series 1000:

  • Flood Defence
  • Workboats
  • Containers
  • Offshore structures
  • Any application where noise and vibration control is required
  • Gastight barrier for controlled environments

(If you require a flood defence solution, please see our flood defence door and flood gate range)


  • Watertight
  • Weathertight
  • Gastight


  • Thermal
  • Acoustic


  • Single lever
  • Push Bar


  • Hasp and Eye for Padlock
  • Lockcase with either key operated both sides, key and thumbturn, or key and quick release.
  • Vision panel
  • Door closer

Door Frame

The door can be mounted to be either flush with the frame or mounted on the standard 50x50x5mm angle frame and is ready for welding or bolting directly to your structure or alternatively can be supplied with welded ties to facilitate casting into concrete structures.