Series 400 Spray tight Doors

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Spray tight doors Series 400 are designed and manufactured by Westmoor to provide spray tight protection for marine environments requiring spray resistance.

The Series 400 range of spray tight doors meets the typical requirements for a marine door above the freeboard deck. Other applications for Westmoor’s spray tight door include ships, workboats, containers, offshore/marine structures and renewable energy projects (including offshore wind).  The Series 400 spray tight door can be custom designed and manufactured to suit any environment, offshore or onshore, requiring spray resistance.

(For an alternative spray tight door solution, please see our Series 1000 range)

Product Features

Westmoor’s spray tight door is generally constructed with a 6mm thick door panel which is secured in the closed position by 2 clip handles independently operated from either side of the door.

  • Made to order to suit your exact requirements
  • Supplied as a ‘self contained’ unit mounted onto a 75 x 50 x 8 angle bar frame
  • Ready for welding or bolting directly to your structure
  • Available on short lead times
  • Spray tight doors available in steel, stainless steel and aluminium materials
  • Available in natural finish, primed or coated in accordance with client requirements
  • Available with square or radii door and frame profiles.
  • Options include locking (hasp & eye for padlock, rimlock/latch), hold back facilities and portlights