Jamie earns top qualification

Renown Group are incredibly proud to announce that one of our employees has earned a top specialist coating certification.

Jamie Gilroy earns top NACE qualification

Jamie Gilroy

23-year-old Jamie Gilroy is one of our NACE certified coatings inspectors at the Cramlington site. He is responsible for inspecting coating systems applied to our products and provides technical assistance for all of our projects. This involves performing and documenting multiple destructive and non-destructive inspections on various coating systems applied to ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces.

Jamie is now qualified to NACE CIP Level 3 by the Worldwide Corrosion Authority. This certification recognises Jamie as an advanced coatings inspector who has expert knowledge of corrosion, surface preparation, environmental conditions and chemical resistance.

We are particularly proud of Jamie’s qualification as it is intermittent throughout the UK, particularly for someone of his age, as it requires 5 years of coating experience in addition to existing specialised certifications. It is estimated that less than 200 people in the UK have a CIP Level 3.

The testing process involved completing an intensive two-hour oral examination, consisting of 4 practical questions and 6 theory questions in front of a three-member peer review board.

The qualification will not only improve Jamie’s prospects, but improves Renown’s capabilities as we are no longer required to source external NACE Level 3 coatings inspectors, which requires additional time and cost, but we are now able to do it in-house thanks to Jamie’s significant achievement.

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