Watertight Manholes

Westmoor also offers a range of watertight manholes/bolted hatches for use across a wide range of applications. These can be loose or hinged-lidded designs with bolted or latched securing arrangements.

Our watertight manholes are ideal for ship and boat decks, or any situation requiring access for either marine or onshore applications – including civil engineering projects.

  • Made to order to suit your exact requirements
  • Supplied as a ‘self-contained’ unit, they can be flush with deck or mounted onto a raised coaming
  • Ready for welding or bolting directly to your structure
  • Available on short lead times
  • Available in steel, stainless steel and aluminium materials
  • Available in natural finish, primed or coated in accordance with client requirements
  • Options include locking (hasp & eye for padlock, rimlock/latch), hold back facilities and flush handle operation